Solar Power

Harness the power of the sun with a solar power system from our experienced team. At Towles Electric, Inc., we specialize in designing and installing solar power systems for residential and commercial clients. We believe that renewable energy is the way of the future, and we’re committed to helping our clients make the switch to solar power. Read more about what we have to offer below.

Solar PV System Installation & Maintenance

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Solar PV System Installation in Kent County, DE

If you’re looking for a reliable, renewable, and eco-friendly power supply for your Kent County, DE, home, Towles Electric, Inc. has the solution for you. We are proud supporters of sustainable energy, specializing in solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation and maintenance services.

The key components of solar PV systems include solar panels (modules), a mounting system, and a computer-controlled solar inverter. The solar panels capture and convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted into alternating current (AC) energy by the inverter. The resulting AC energy can then be used in your business or home. To optimize the solar system output, the computer controller acts as a power management system. Fully off-grid solar backup systems also require batteries.

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Solar Panel Installation Process

When the professionals at Towles Electric, Inc. install solar PV panels, we try to place them where they get maximum exposure to full sunlight daily. We most commonly place the panels on the roof because of the proximity to the sun. If for some reason rooftop installation isn’t possible, we can mount your PV panels to the ground where no objects will block their access to sunlight.

Once we decide the best option to mount your solar panels, we can then begin the installation. Some of the key steps of the installation process include:

  • Setting up scaffolding
  • Installing the solar panel mounts
  • Installing the solar panels
  • Wiring the solar panels
  • Installing the solar inverter
  • Bonding the solar inverter and solar battery
  • Connecting the inverter to the consumer unit
  • Starting and testing the solar panels
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Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Since your solar panels must absorb sunlight to properly function, keeping their surface clean and free of dust and debris is key to maximum energy production. You can wash your solar panels with a basic garden hose for general cleaning. To remove tougher dirt and grime, you may need to apply soapy water and scrub them clean with a sponge.

One thing to remember when cleaning your solar panels is to avoid washing them in the middle of the day. You will see the best results when you wash them either in the morning or evening. Also, you should avoid using cold water to clean hot panels as a way to prevent potential damage.

In addition to cleaning your solar panels, it is also important to properly maintain your solar panels and repair them when necessary. Surprisingly, solar panel maintenance is very simple since they do not have any moving parts. This means that the cost of solar panel installation is upfront and maintaining them takes little financial investment. Generally, you should inspect your solar panels around four times per year as the seasons change, or after any unusual or severe weather instances.

Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels is fairly simple and can be done on your own or by a professional. If you’re not comfortable with height or you’d just like an experienced helping hand, Towles Electric, Inc. has expert solar panel cleaning and maintenance services for you. Contact us today to learn more!